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IBM Confirm letter

posted on 12 Sep 2008 17:11 by aniefefalus in CPEKMUTT



Dear Sir,
      I would like to confirm the test schedule. Details are as follows:
      Test Date   :     Sunday   September 14,2008.
      Time        :     8.30  am.
      Venue       :     IBM Building G floor (near BTS Ari Station)
      Contact     Point :     Siriporn 02-797-4009

Process :   1) Fill in Application (30-40mins)
            2) Aptitude test (45mins) + English test (20mins)
                  - All questions are written in English and not related to
Technical/IT Tests.

Required Documents:
   English resume
   A copy of ID card, transcript and house  registration
   one photo 1''
   A calculator

* In case that you are unable to take the test on this date/time, please
let me know via E-mail  or telephone 02-797-4009 by this Thursday September
* Please wear a student uniform
* Since there is limited car parking, we suggest that you do not drive a

Thank you very much.

      (See attached file: Map.doc)


Best Regards ,
Siriporn Sumranjit (Pui)
Human Resources Department
IBM Solutions Delivery Co.,Ltd.
tel : 02-797-4009
Fax : 02-273-0122 



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